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Giving Back. 

Loving your neighbour is such a beautiful and important concept.


I believe that while our neighbour is indeed the person or persons living right next door, our neighbour is also the person unknown to us in any area of the world. In 2013, I had the opportunity to travel to India and spend two incredible months there. Without any plan or intention of my own, India quite effortlessly wormed its way into my heart and up to this day has shown no signs of leaving. I fell for the colours, the flavours, the people, the sounds, and well..just for India and the unexplainableness that was India. I spent much of my time there in an orphanage, feeding street children, teaching English, and sharing God's love. 


Food impacted me greatly while I was there, as it often does. I was struck by the overwhelming hospitality of it all, as those with so little giving so very much. I was struck by the flavours and the smells, as art was created within the dishes. I was also struck with the necessity. I looked hunger in the face and helped to ease it, yet only for a time. Where I would get my next meal from was never a thought I needed to wrestle with. While I knew the reality of hunger long before this journey, there is something to be said of a heart encounter with an issue such as this. A head knowledge meeting with a heart encounter changes a person. 

I think about food a lot. My life is shaped by food, and I even make my living because of food. I love so much about food: the nutrition of it, the healing it can bring, the way it brings people close, the diversity it brings, and so many others. Most of all though, I love to feed people. 

I have been blessed with so much and through that I hope to bless others. Let our eating be their eating.

Each time I cook for you, 10% of that will go to an organization in India that is working daily to feed street children. Please, join me in caring for our neighbour, simply by hiring me to cook for you. 

Thank you!  

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